Unit 8: Habitat Change Story


In this unit, the students will be learning how to program and use the hummingbirds to create a scene from the story “Follow the Drinking Gourd.” Students will learn about how slaves used the Drinking Gourd (big dipper) constellation to lead them north to Canada to gain their freedom. Once students complete this introduction.The students will choose a topic related to changes in our habitat in our environment. The students will choose between man-made occurrences (i.e. urban sprawls, pesticides, etc) and natural occurrences (weather, fire, flood, drought etc). The students will use the hummingbird robotics to animate their habitats showing changes over time. Students will start with the habitat before then introduce some habitat change, show the effect on the habitat, and then lastly show solutions to fixing it. Students will also explain ways they can help prevent or encourage the change in the future.

Learning in Action:

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