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3rd - 5th Grade

Unit 1: Intro to Scratch Programming
Introduce students to programming with Scratch!
Unit 2: Programming & Animation
Teach students how to program with Scratch to create cartoons and animations.
Unit 3: Programming & Game Design
Program and design video games.
Unit 4: Intro to Steering Robots
Program robots to follow a course.
Unit 5: Autonomous Driver's License
Complete challenges to show programming knowledge!
Unit 6: Lego Missions
Program Lego Mindstorm Robots to complete various tasks.
Unit 7: Micro:bit & Plants
Explore the micro:bit and see how it can be combined with different tools.
Unit 8: Habitat Change Story
Combine coding with literature to create an interdisciplinary final project.
Unit 9: Low-Tech STEAM
Introduce students to STEAM concepts using low-tech activities.
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