Unit 2: Computer Programming & Animation  


In this unit, students will learn that they can express themselves through programming in Scratch. They will become familiar with sound, looks, and motion blocks as they create projects related to music, art, and animation. They will continue to develop debugging strategies to fix common errors in programming events, sequences, parallel events, and loops specifically pertaining to blocks in the sound, motion, and looks categories.  Then they will combine music, art, and animation to create an interactive greeting card. Storytelling is the next progression in the unit. Students learn the processes needed to program a story. While programing two sprites to have a conversation with one another, students learn to differentiate between using wait commands or broadcasting messages and strategize when it would be appropriate to use each one. Then they practice writing programs with multiple backdrops, like a story with multiple scenes. Students then practice writing procedures using the Make a Block feature, where multiple step sequences can be reduced to a single command. A set of debugging challenges provides the students an opportunity to troubleshoot programs with bugs related to conversations, scenes, and procedures.  Finally, the unit culminates with an open ended lesson where students program a story of their own.

Learning in Action:

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